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How do I use the Virtual Tax Partner (VtaxP) service?
Last Updated 2 years ago

1. Agree to the T & Cs: these set out the working agreement between us and basis of charging.
2. Open a ticket and either request a quote or go for a fixed fee answer.
3. We have make ID checks according to the Anti-Money Laundering regulations. If you have not done so previously, we require you to provide a copy of ID and sufficient information to allow us to perform due diligence and risk assessment of your firm. If you are an accountant, not that accountants are now 'high risk' in terms of AML. You can obtain verified ID via a post office, however we may also be able to check you in other ways.
4. If you are a professional firm we will need to have your firm's professional registration number as well as proof of ID of the individual asking the question, and details of the beneficial ownership of any company. We have on-going obligations to risk assess professional firms.

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