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We are also the support portal for our sister service www.rossmartin.co.uk - the Practical Tax Database.

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Getting started:

1. Open a ticket to ask a question. You can upload attachments if you need to and you must answer the Anti-money laundering questions.
2. We will come back to your with a quote or estimate to answer your query: we have a wide range of tax expertise: covering direct and indirect tax, as well as accounting.

Once you have activated your account, do check out the FAQs.

Did you know that our Virtual Tax Partner Toolbox provides online solutions to many difficult queries such as Business Asset Disposal Relief on share and business disposals.

Why VtaxP?
Why wait weeks for a response to a magazine query, or risk an on-line forum answered by strangers, who are so unsure of their own ability that they use pseudonyms?

Delegate your problems to VtaxP: free up your mind and with it your time.