Introducing the Virtual Tax Partner © 'VtaxP'© Virtual Tax Toolkit.

This is a new range of tax diagnostic tools are designed to help you solve some really quite complicated tax FAQs in a matter of minutes.
Each tool is designed to save you approximately £250-£1,000 in terms of chargeable time, if you are not an expert in the particular area of tax covered and not familiar with all recent changes to that particular topic.
The Virtual Tax Partner © 'VTaxP' © Toolkit or its individual tools can be purchased on their own, with or without a subscription to, or on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

If you are a tax novice, or not very confident in some areas of tax, VtaxP© tools all work best with a subscription as you then get the full benefit of all interactive guidance.

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VtaxP Toolkit

Entrepreneurs Relief: Sole trader
Disposal of a business or its assets

Entrepreneurs Relief: Company owner
Share disposal up to 5 April 2019

Entrepreneurs Relief: Company owner
Share disposal after 5 April 2019

Entrepreneurs Relief: Partner
Disposal of partnership interest

Entrepreneurs Relief: Trust
Disposal of shares or assets used by a business

Entrepeneurs Relief: Partner or Company owner
Associated disposal

TAAR: anti-phoenixing
Does the anti-avoidance rule apply to your dividends?